COVID-19 Shipping Delays: We are a company based out of San Antonio, TX, and as everyone is well aware San Antonio is among one of the top 5 with a massive COVID outbreak. We are doing our absolute best to make sure that all of our products are safe for shipment so there will be some major delays in shipment for most of our products, back-orders and preorders being the most affected at this time. We do not have exact shipping times as of now, but it can take up to 2 weeks and sometimes longer depending on the product and the availability. We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time and we are doing our best to make sure that orders are shipped out as quickly and safely as possible to avoid any spread. Please know that our warehouse has not had 1 case of the virus and we are continuing our efforts to make sure it stays that way to avoid any more spread of the virus. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

PayPal Authorizations: Please see the “Shipping and Terms” page.

Back-orders: As of right now, the shipments from our carriers are a little behind. We have the option to back-order items so that as soon as the items are received in our stock, they ship out within 24 hours. Sadly at this time we do not have a time frame on when the items will be sent to us, but rest assured that your order will remain in processing until we have the item sent. Back-order items are sent through the order system for any item purchased that has 0 stock at the time of purchase. If you need the item immediately, please take note of the stock before purchasing.

International Orders: Currently we do ship internationally, but we are still working on getting the international shipping options to work properly on the site. In the meantime, you can always message us at and we are more than happy to give you the international shipping prices there!

Preorders: We also now have the option to preorder certain items. While we do have some general release dates, they do change when the company changes them. Sadly this is not something we have control over. However, we are working to get more solid release dates and as soon as those are available, you will be notified of those release dates (if you have chosen to preorder an item). The same information for back-orders is the same process used for preorders, the only difference is that there could be multiple months between certain items. We will do our best to make sure you know before ordering which items are for preorder.

Discontinued Items: This is not something we enjoy having to say, but sadly there are quite a few products we had in stock that the companies have decided to discontinue. This means that once the item is sold out, it will not be coming back. You will see a difference between certain listings in this group such as “Read More” and items that say “Add to Cart”. The items that have the “Add to Cart” button have very limited and minimal stock. Once this item is sold out, we will no longer be carrying this item. We are leaving this section readily available for anyone who wants to know any information regarding these items. There may be a chance in the future that the companies will have limited stock available, but these chances are slim. We are doing our best to make sure these items are updated per the information we have available.

Jumbo Items: We are selling these items on an order by order basis. These items will always have 0 stock, but do not worry. If we receive an order, we will very happily make sure your item is ordered and sent to you with the best possible shipping arrangements available. Please be aware these items will take a bit longer to process as we have to get the order from our retailers.