Are you kitting up a Heaven And Earth Design project? The HAED Crown Jewel Kits are absolutely amazing!  We’re happy to help you get the drills you need!

To receive a quote, please contact us through the Virtual Assistant and we can assist you one on one from there. We can also create a mock order for you so you can review the information before purchasing.

HAED Crown Jewel canvases are for SQUARE drills only. If you need Round drills for a custom project, please let us know!
ONLY attach a Drill Chart or Stitch List from the HAED site or a copy from the kit you received. We will not accept the full file of the HAED you purchased.
Buyer Communication is Essential – Custom orders are a difficult and time consuming task. We will need to communicate with you about any chart problem or inventory discrepancies that may occur. You are required to review the draft of the custom order thoroughly before purchasing.

Custom Orders will be quoted by calculating the total number of diamonds needed for the full-drill canvas. Custom orders are ONLY for Standard Square DMC drills and does not apply to AB drills, Glow drills or other Specialty Drills.

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